And Ode to the Dad Inspectors on Father's Day

Oh, Dad Inspector, the vigilant eye,
With measuring tape and clipboard by your side.
Through houses you roam, with purpose and care,
Seeking out secrets hidden everywhere.
With each step you take, a creak you hear,
Your senses attuned to every sound, my dear.
From basement to attic, you meticulously roam,
Uncovering tales that lie within each home.
You check every outlet, every switch, every wire,
Ensuring safety and function, never to tire.
No crack in the wall, no leaky faucet unseen,
Your keen observation, sharp and keen.
Oh, Dad Inspector, your wisdom profound,
Through your expertise, homebuyers are crowned.
Your reports, a testament to your keen eye,
Guiding us through decisions, oh so wise.
You protect us from flaws, unseen to the lay,
Preserving our sanctuaries, day by day.
Your dedication and thoroughness inspire,
To create spaces where memories transpire.
So here's to the Dad Inspector, the guardian of homes,
Whose watchful eye ensures no detail roams.
With utmost respect and gratitude, we hail,
Your unwavering commitment, never to fail.

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