Your Trusted Real Estate Partners

It all began in the 1970’s when a young lady took her child to daycare and then went to present an offer to a man on a bulldozer... 

That was the first real estate deal for this dynamic duo. For many years, Scarlet was Ann’s “assistant”, doing homework in the back seat during showings, helping add information to the MLS database, and filing paperwork. In that time, Ann ran her real estate company, spearheaded the development of subdivisions, and even built a few houses (not to mention running carpool, serving on many local committees, and serving home cooked meals each night).

Fast-forward to 1998 when Scarlet began her real estate career, starting in Gwinnett, then North Fulton where she honed her negotiating and marketing skills and Ann was continually one of the top agents in Rockdale and Newton Counties. When she had her first child, Scarlet realized that she wanted to raise him in the same small-town atmosphere she had growing up with.  So, off to Morgan County they went.  Based out of Madison for the last 10 years, they still sell all over the Atlanta area, but focus mostly on East of Atlanta and the I-20 Corridor.  Over the years, they continually sell millions and millions of dollars’ worth of real estate. 

What’s the key to their success?  It’s very simple.  Scarlet and Ann put the client first.  They listen, they make sure they know what the client’s needs are, then they work with the client to develop a plan to make it happen.  Each transaction is different, with many twists and turns.  Using their years of experience, education and market knowledge, they sit down with the client and formulate how to best navigate the world of real estate. 

Using innovative marketing is not new to them.  During the recession, they worked with homeowners and banks to help everyone get where they needed to be.  With the recent pandemic, they modified their technology so buyers could view homes virtually, protecting buyers and sellers, while still making sure no one went homeless.  Time after time, they put their clients first.  But don’t take our word for it.  See what their clients have had to say. 

“In the past decade, we have used Scarlet & Ann repeatedly for real estate transactions. Based on their demonstrated professionalism, persistence, and proficiency, Scarlet distinguishes herself as an expert real estate agent with heightened knowledge of markets and conditions necessary to maximize profits.  In two purchases, she managed to negotiate the final prices well below our expectations.  Scarlet educates not only her clients but also opposing agents in a manner which produces positive results for all.  She excels at getting all parties to the closing table.  As our seller's agents, Scarlet and Ann’s expert marketing strategy resulted in a full price sale to an adjusted value which exceeded our expectations. Their approach is based upon proven success in a field where they have well earned a reputation of excellence.” -Qader & Leesa

 “In March of 2019, I called Scarlet to obtain her services as a real estate agent. Her trustworthy and reliable reputation stood for itself with me, two very important qualities in the real estate world.  Scarlet has a very no-nonsense, matter of fact approach in her business dealings.  There were no problems, just solutions, to any issue or question that came up during our purchase of our new home.  She was fearless and fair when dealing with the seller’s agent on our home, and ultimately, I still cannot believe the wonderful experience we had getting not only the home we wanted, but with all the conditions we requested intact.  I would highly recommend Scarlet and her team to buy or sell your home.” -Kristine

 Scarlet and Ann have a passion for helping people that shines through, not only in their real estate careers but also in their everyday walk.  From serving on development committees, as PTO presidents at multiple schools, to sitting on the board of directors for the high school, to coordinating appreciation events for our civil servants and volunteering at church and in the community, they are always looking for ways to serve others. 

 If you are looking for someone to help you navigate the complex world of real estate, contact Scarlet and Ann today.  Their team will make sure you get the best results possible!